Costa Boat Trips. Nerja-Torrox-Maro Marine Park

Costa Boat Trips. Nerja-Torrox-Maro Marine Park

Costa Boat Trips Nerja offers you a chance to explore nature at its best. This is a unique and beautiful piece of coastline like no other on the Costa del Sol.

It’s a UNESCO protected marine reserve and an area of outstanding natural beauty that truly is not to be missed and to look at nature in all its splendid, pristine glory.

Such amazing crystal clear waters, stunning cliffs, waterfalls and sealife.

It’s some of the very best sight seeing scenery you’ll see on our thrilling boat trip along the Torrox and Nerja coastline. You can either sit back and relax in the boat or go swimming and snorkelling off the boat, as you wish.

Swim or snorkel under the waterfalls at Maro in the crystal clear waters or over the reefs on one of our thrilling Nerja Maro snorkelling boat trips. 

Step into a world where the beauty of the nature and fauna will take your breath away for the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

You will not be disappointed! A truly amazing day out.

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