DOLPHINS were out and about which was such nice surprise for a lovely March day and came to say “hello” They just showed up whilst we were all out on a wonderful afternoon sightseeing trip to Playa Lagos and Playa El Morche just along the coast from us. The Dolphins came across small bait fish so they stayed in the area and had themselves a serious feeding frenzy jumping in and out of the water, spectacular and everyone was so excited to see them and of course, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone assisted by some cold Beers and Cava of course.

Autumn in Southern Spain and out with the boat enjoying yet another amazing autumn boat trip on the beautiful Mediterranean. Such wonderful mild weather here as we enjoy the gorgeous balmy days of a late summer. Our clients are still coming out from Malaga in order to join us for a serene and relaxing boat trip whilst enjoying the amazing and unique sights that we have here unlike any other place in southern Spain. They come to enjoy the quiet and peacefulness of this pristine area and to take in the marvellous sights and scenery whilst also taking a visit

An Ice cold Cava after another wonderful day of snorkelling with Costa Boat Trips. The never ending summer here in Southern Spain.

Take a fabulous Sunset trip aboard Costa Boat Trips, with an unobstructed view from the sea, as you watch the enormous orange glow of the sun as it sinks below the horizon. Viewed from the sea the sun appears so large that you feel you could almost reach out and touch it. Enjoy this amazing and unobstructed view with us while enjoying complimentary fresh food and drinks. A generous supply of ice cold Cava is available and always on hand. Join Costa Boat Trips for a sunset trip to truly remember.

Our regular dolphins visitors are back! Lovely to see them back for summer. #dolphins #summer fun #boattrips #snorkelling #swimming #adventure #marinereserve #Nerja #torrox