A day out on a Boat Trip Nerja – Maro -Torre del Mar

Costa Boat Trips

The Boat Trip Nerja departs from La Caleta Marina which is located a short distance East of Malaga along the coast between Torre del MarTorrox Costa and nearby Nerja.

Our boat trips Torre del Mar – Nerja are of excellent value and well thought out.

We’re very flexible and relaxed about the time. (There’s nothing hurrying us up to get back to the Marina in time unless you’re in a rush of course).

Also in the boat trip and for free, are fresh daily home-made sandwiches and drinks for the trip, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Cava, Beer, Fanta, Coke, and nibbles.

So, we put our hearts into making our Nerja boat tours a memorable lifetime experience (see our gallery) for our customers and we see to it that we make the boat trips easy going and genuinely relaxing.

Depart from La Caleta Marina Torre del Mar

We start the Axarquia Nerja boat trip by heading out from La Caleta Marina where you’ll see the beach of Torre del Mar, one of the longest in the Malaga province and ideal for a long walk to stretch your sea legs after the tour.

We head East along Axarquia’s coastline which is by far the most beautiful part of the Costa Del Sol heading past the beaches of Algarrobo Costa and Mezquitilla along the coastline towards Torrox Costa.

Historic Naval Watchtowers

Here you’ll see the first watchtower of many, built in the 17th century to protect from attacks of piracy and plunder, thus as we continue our exciting boat tour, we pass Playa Cenicero of El Morche.

All the while on our Nerja Boat Trip, we will be looking out for surface splashes, dorsal fins, and other signs of the dolphins during the tour and the occasional mermaid.

Passing Torrox Costa

As the Nerja boat trip rolls on, we come to Torrox Costa and its faithful lighthouse which stands on a Roman archaeological site on a promontory at the mouth of Rio de Torrox and which has no doubt as it has been guarding sailors and mariners since time immemorial.

Our skipper will no doubt spin you some tales of the seven seas along the way. On the Nerja boat trip, you’ll see the Torrox Costa is a popular haunt for tourists with its beautiful promenade full of bars and restaurants and also teeming with life in the summer.

Then as we pass Torrox Costa and head East towards Nerja, we will come to our second naval watchtower, the Torre Vieja Macaca announcing our imminent arrival to the wonderful pearl necklace of coved beaches beneath the cliffs of Nerja.

Playa El Salón, Playa Caletilla, Playa Carabeillo and Playa Carabeo years ago were difficult to access and perfect for smugglers and marauders alike, whereas nowadays, it’s the smuggling of beach towels and sunshades pre-10am onto the beaches that will incur the wrath of the authorities.

Admiring Nerja from the Sea…

The cliffs of Nerja offer such perfect un-obscured views that it has been termed the Balcony of Europe, and throughout history has been used as a look out across the Alboran Sea.

The Moors built the first recorded watchtower in Nerja in the 9th century on the cliff of Nerja and as time progressed, so the tower was fortified. The tower of Nerja protected her citizens right up until the 18th Century when she was strengthened with reinforced platforms and multiple canons.

In 1812, the tower was destroyed by the HMS Hyacinth, a British 20-gun post ship attacked in conjunction with Spanish Guerillas against Napoleon’s troops, during the Spanish war of Independence (The Peninsula War).

On our Nerja boat trip you’ll see reminders of the fighting and destruction by the large boulders and rocky debris that lie at the base of the balcony. We’ll take a moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the boats and admire the amazing Balcony of Europe jutting out from the cliffs over the sea with the town of Nerja behind it.

Marine Reserve of Maro & Cerro Gordo

Our Boat trip then moves on Eastward for another 15 minutes where we pass by Burriana Beach where you can stop and swim if you so wish and then we go on to enter into the fabulous Acantilados de Maro Cerro Natural Marine park in and around Maro.

This is a pristine virgin area and absolutely stunning and really should not be missed. There are a plethora of wonderful beaches, the better-known ones are Playa Carabeo, Playa de la Alberquilla, Playa del Canuelo and Calas del Pino but there are hidden gems that are unreachable by land and untouched that are well worth a swim and a tranquil moment in your own deserted cove.

Take your pick! The boat will stop anywhere you and your friends/family wish.

There are beautiful cliffs (Cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo) and rock formations, waterfalls, caves and wonderful, private secluded beaches with beautiful coves with turquoise clear water to swim in and where you can see the white sandy sea bottom and the fish very clearly.


This is a great opportunity for snorkelling as here you will see lots of fish, crabs, octopi and plant life.
(Free Snorkelling equipment is available on the boat)

Scuba Diving

There is a qualified PADI Diving Instructor / Dive Master present on the boat on all trips who can give you more information on your location and answer any questions on the local flora and fauna which you may have and he’ll help you with your knowledge and understanding of what you are looking at or even give you a Scuba Try-dive if you so wish.
(Booked in advance)

Protected Marine Reserve

You will see many beautiful and amazing sights on the Axarquia coast that can never be seen from the land. There are amazing views to be seen from the sea and it will certainly be an eye opener for you to view the coast from the sea and will certainly give you a very different perspective of this amazing area.

Wild Swimming

Also, as Costa Boat Trips caters to the small private groups of friends and family to a maximum of 8 people, this gives us the great flexibility to stop off and swim wherever we may wish on the trip at one of these super beaches.

Carabeo beach, Chorrillo beach, Calahonda beach, La Caletilla, El Salón
beach, La Torrecilla, El Chucho beach, El Playazo, Cala Barranco de Maro, La Caleta de Maro o cala chica, Maro’s beach, Molino de Papel’s beach, Las Alberquillas beach, Cala del Pino & El Cañuelo beach.

Time to head back to port!

Once again, we will search for marine life along our route back to the marina. We always have a surprise or two in store for you!
Come along with our captain and crew as we entertain, teach, and lead you on an experience of a lifetime!

We offer sightseeing tours and dolphin watching, water sports, as well as, fishing trips.

Free with the trip are daily fresh made sandwiches with home-made bread, including free drinks, both beer and cava, Fanta, Coke, clean fresh beach sized towels  snorkelling equipment.



If you are looking for a smaller and more relaxed boat trip and tour, away from the crowds and looking for something a little more different than the usual, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Costa Boat Trips was set up in response to customer enquiries for boat trips and tours which are orientated towards the smaller groups of people who want a relaxing and comfortable trip whilst avoiding being part of a larger group as is often the case.


We offer intimate and bespoke boat trips from 2 hours to all day trips or whatever you desire.

We adapt to your needs and wishes. You can make your trip as short as you want, minimum is one hour or as long as you want up to 6 hours being the maximum – depending on the weather and the time of day of course.

We also offer romantic trips for two who want to get away on their own for a couple of hours.

So, choose Costa Boat Trips and feel the difference from the crowd.


Oh yes, another reason for choosing Costaboattrips is our selection of free home made fresh sandwiches, alcoholic and soft drinks that we offer on our trips.


We have a beautiful brand-new Italian built INVICTUS 7 metre powerboat.

Which if you are looking for a more relaxed boat trip/tour away from all crowds and looking for something a little more different.

We got you covered as it has a fully shaded canopy area to avoid the hot sun and it’s fully licensed and equipped with all safety equipment, radios, life jackets, flares, and phones and satellite phone.

Also, note that we are never outside of mobile phone range.

There are comfortable front lounge seats, table, bow diving platform and a freshwater shower.

The boat is fully insured and we take a maximum of 8 people for comfort and safety.


We offer creative, intimate and bespoke boat trips from 2 hour to all day trips or whatever you desire. We adapt to your needs and wishes.

You can make your trip as short as you want, minimum is one hour or as long as you want up to 6 hours being the maximum – depending on the weather and the time of day of course.


NOTE: We need to be advised of any person in advance who is handicapped due to space which may be needed on-board or who requires assistance.

We take a maximum of 8 persons per trip, suitable for friends and families where the trips are more personalised, friendly and tailored for those who wish to relax and avoid the crowds.

Our boat is perfect for these types of trips and you can create any trip you like and we’ll try our absolute best to arrange it for you if it’s possible.

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